Friday, May 7, 2010

What the ****?

Industry representatives will say anything to landowners. I do mean Anything. And if you think your health department, public officials, and regulating bodies are any better, you may want to think again.
A Colorado resident was told something that would be completely laughable if the situation wasn't so serious. She was complaining about emmissions "you know, VOC's and stuff" and the county health guy told her, well you know, pine trees give of VOC's too. What the?? But wait, it keeps getting better. Here is a few things industry representatives have said to a Texas resident:
Oxygen turns water red.
Methane seeps from the ground all the time, you just never noticed it before.
Igniting bubbles in your backyard is normal, you just never tried it before now.
Thermal incinerators give off rainbow fairy dust (or at least give off no more emissions than your husband's truck).
What odor?
Its just a little benzene.
It's just sand.
It's just mud.
Nothing to see here.

Wow. Those are some really good neighbors huh.