Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I'm sure Texas is thanking us for all those jobs we sent their way

Okay, it's no secret that jobs and money are a big issue for most of us. Suzana Martinez is making her bid to be the next Governor of New Mexico. Her latest ad mentions "job killing regulations [that] drove our jobs to Texas." Now, she's referring to the pit rule which requires all waste pits to be lined, and states that those who benefit from the rule have ties to Governor Richardson. I see a couple of not so funny things about this. For one, I think that the people who benefit most from the pit rule are those who actually live or ranch near them. As well as the minor fact that anything liquid will eventually sink into the ground and burying it does nothing to minimize the environmental damage. Instances of water contamination from unlined waste pits is not as rare as one might hope. For two, I don't think the residents of Texas are thanking us for all those great jobs we apparently sent their way by implementing the pit rule. I want to see an oil and gas executive or political candidate who has a waste pit in their backyard and doesn't want to see it lined. Anybody got some?