Friday, May 14, 2010

San Miguel County Commission Candidate Forum

A few quotes from the Las Vegas Optic:
By David Giuliani

"QUESTION: All of you have said you are against oil and gas drilling in the county. But some people argue that property right issues are at stake and would say they can do what they want on their land. How do you approach that issue?
Ortega: I’m a property owner, but we’ve got to use some common sense here. For example, there is no scientific evidence what goes on under my land isn’t going to impact someone else’s property. We’ve got to look at the big picture, and stop using tunnel vision and do what’s right for humanity. Turn on the television and look at what’s happening in the Gulf of Mexico. That was tunnel vision, and the gulf will never be the same. I support land rights, private property, but we’ve got to consider what’s right for humanity.
Ulibarri: He’s (Ortega) right. When they drill, they don’t know what’s down there. Last month, there was an explosion in Shreveport, Louisiana, and they told every resident to not drink the water, bathe, wash clothes, light pilot lights or smoke. The whole city was shut down because of the poison gases coming through the pipes. Can you imagine what kind of effect we would have in Las Vegas if that happened here? It does affect everyone, and the task force looking into this is heavily stacked on the side of big oil, and I’d like to restack that deck.
Lucero: I will fight for a moratorium on oil drilling in San Miguel County. I will leave it up to the voters to decide."
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