Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Doesn't Industry Ever Take a Break?

Amy Mall discusses the need for regulations of oil and gas development in her blog while in New Jersey, environmental groups are gathering to protect the Delaware River from unregulated drilling. The Delaware river provides drinking water to a large amount of New Jersey citizens. On another note, Blue Daze Drilling Reform for Texas, points out that Texas has no regulations specific to hydraulic fracturing.
Here in our little out of the way county, industry has tried very hard to downplay the risks posed by drilling for natural gas. They tell us that our concerns are unfounded. Yet communities all across the country are getting fracked and paying a high price for it. A price that oil and gas revenues cannot compensate for. With some serious county based regulations the risks of natural gas drilling can be minimized and we can all enjoy healthy air, clean water, and a safe environment. Is that to much to ask?