Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Backlash on Domestic Oil and Gas Drillings

According to a CNN special report "a growing number of Americans are saying not-in-my-backyard when it comes to more oil and natural gas drilling." and that while "Most Americans still support increased oil and gas drilling. But opposition is growing, especially when that drilling nears more populated urban areas. Currently there are natural gas booms happening around New York City, Dallas-Fort Worth, Western Colorado, the Midwest, and elsewhere. Opponents fear this new drilling will ruin the drinking water for millions of people, among other concerns." (Note they fail to mention Las Animas County and you will see why maybe below)

Seems that "energy companies, accustomed to dealing with rural populations familiar with drilling and eager for jobs and lease royalties, are increasingly finding themselves at odds with a more educated and wealthy populace wary of energy development." More>>>

It is saddening that it takes wealthy people being impacted to get attention on the adverse effects of oil and gas drilling. It takes resources to stand up for regulating of this industry. Living in a fairly poor county as I do, I find it important to point out that, while poor communities seem to experience the most detrimental impacts of oil and gas development due to their lack of financial resources, those of us who do not have such resources are not without the ability to make a difference. By working within our communities and reaching out to other counties we can make a difference simply by the number of voices speaking out. We can take a solid stance for the protection of our health, water, and environment.