Monday, March 15, 2010

Ray Powel Commands Top Spot at Democratic Convention

I realize that I have fallen behind on the blog lately. My apologies to anyone who may visit regularly for news or updates and I will once again be updating the blog on a daily basis.
I am quite happy about today's news. It brings with it the possibility of a huge step in the reform of our public lands management. While our public lands can be an important source of income for states, they are also an irreplaceable resource for our communities and should be managed accordingly, for the benefit of all.

For Immediate Release: Sunday, March 14, 2010
Ray Powell, 505-507-0697
Neri Holguin, Campaign Manager, 505-217-8705

Ray Powell Commands Top Spot at Democratic Convention
In a 4-way-election for Land Office, Powell wins 44% of the vote, while no other candidate makes the 20% minimum ballot requirement

SANTA FE (Sunday, March 14, 2010). On Saturday, March 13th, Democrats from around the state met to formally nominate candidates for their party at the Democratic Pre-Primary Convention at Buffalo Thunder in Pojoaque.
At yesterday’s convention, former State Land Commissioner Ray Powell handily beat out other Democratic challengers for the State Land Office.
State rules require that candidates garner 20% of delegate support in order to be on the ballot or gather additional petition signatures. The pre-primary vote determines June ballot positioning and is an indication of campaign strength.

Powell earned 44.4% of the pre-primary votes, Harry Montoya 19.3%, Sandy Jones 18.6%, and Mike Anaya 17.6%.
Former N.M. Land Commissioner Ray Powell thanked supporters saying, “I’m grateful to have so many democratic leaders from throughout the state endorsing my campaign. From Lea County to San Juan County, Hidalgo County, and Union—the support is tremendous.”
“Momentum is clearly on our side. After eight years of controversies and distractions it’s time to restore trust in the State Land Office. I love the Land Office and I have the experience, energy, passion and vision to make the New Mexico State Land Office one of the top land management agencies in the country.” Powell said.
Powell is running for Land Commissioner on a platform of reform in the State Land Office, creating economic development, and conserving and protecting New Mexico's valuable public lands. As Commissioner, Powell will protect and manage state trust lands.

New Mexico campaign law requires that candidates who did not receive a minimum of 20% delegate support at the Pre-Primary Convention must now collect 4% of vote total or 4,324 signatures and file a new declaration of candidacy within ten days . It’s unclear whether the Land Office candidates will turn in additional signatures.

A New Mexico native, Powell is from Albuquerque and lives in the North Valley with his wife, Jean. Powell served as Land Commissioner from 1993-2002, and was recognized for running one of the best land management agencies in the country. Ray is a veterinarian and currently works as a regional director for the Jane Goodall Institute for Wildlife Research Education and Conservation in Santa Fe.
The Democratic Primary election is June 1, 2010.