Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Molycorp Superfund Cleanup

Thanks to Amigos Bravos for bringing this to our attention. My post is a bit late, but comments made today can still be submitted to the EPA.

Amigos Bravos:
Molycorp Superfund Cleanup -- Action Needed
"Wednesday, March 31 is the deadline for comments on EPA's proposed
Superfund cleanup plan for the Molycorp mine in Questa, NM. Please
consider writing a brief note to EPA stating that you support
reclamation of the Red River and total cleanup of the Molycorp mine.
Comments should be sent to: Mark Purcell Purcell.Mark@epamail.epa.gov
If you would like to submit more detailed comments please follow the
links on our home page, where you will be able to download EPA's Proposed Cleanup Plan, and Amigos Bravos' comments."