Thursday, February 25, 2010

A real post...Kinda.

In regards to Otero Mesa, industry is apparently hoping for the Obama administration to "be more sensitive to the needs of western states" when it comes to the possibility of Otero Mesa being designated as a national monument. Hhmmm... we really seem to need clean water in the western states given that water is not often found in great abundance around here.. What an inconvenience that is. I think that needs are quite often confused with convenience. The needs of industry don't seem to mesh well with the needs the rest of us have. The two are very different. We need water, how convenient it is for industry to use that water and drill wherever they want is an entirely different story.

On a side note, the Colorado Rockies are being hit hard by industry which apparently feels that they have not trashed the roan plateau enough. Vast expanses of wilderness are being destroyed on a daily basis by improperly regulated drilling activity. These kinds of areas seem to be fairly ideal for the oil and gas industry because development in out-of-the-way places does not generally create the same kind of uproar as it does in areas like New York City with a large population base.