Monday, February 15, 2010

Mora County Regular Commission Meeting Update

The Mora County Commissioner meetings don't generally get a big turn out. This seems to be changing. The agenda had all the usual items that a county needs to attend to from budgets to roads. What was different this time was the amount of people who signed up for public input and commented on the oil and gas issue. From former county officials, to a local propane distributor, the comments were unanimously against drilling. No permits to drill have been filed, but citizens are no longer waiting to tell the county commission what direction they would like to see our county go in. It was really encouraging to see. Another interesting thing I noticed, was that, for the first time since I began attending our county commissioner meetings, there were no landmen present. Perhaps that was due to the inclement weather we have been experiencing, but it was a surprise nonetheless.

On a related note, the Mora County Comprehensive Land Use Plan, outlining citizens goals and visions that was approved in January, is a great step in the right direction. It does not include Royal Dutch Shell's rewrite and upholds Mora County's traditional values of taking care of our water and land.