Monday, January 4, 2010

Oil and Gas Leasing Reforms on Tap This Month

January 4th, 2010

The Interior Department’s shift away from Bush era energy policies is about to become even more pronounced when Interior Secretary Salazar reveals changes to federal leasing practices later this month which the Obama Administration hopes will increase confidence in the system
Reported by Staff

In an interview with the Associated Press on the last day of 2009, Salazar said, “I think the uncertainty that has been pervasive over the last several years on oil and gas leasing has been brought about because there’s been a rush to lease. We are not just about the business of letting the oil and gas industry run the Department of Interior.”

While not disclosing the planned reforms, Salazar said he was seeking to restore confidence for all sides, including industry, but oil and gas groups have voiced their dismay at many of the policy positions taken by the Secretary during his first year of tenure. The industry accuses Salazar of discouraging domestic exploration with decisions such as deferral and withdrawal of leases in Utah and extending the review of offshore drilling plans developed during the Bush Administration. More>>>