Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Industry and Idiots

Okay, so today I am actually not being entirely lazy and am going to do a bit of real blogging. Novel concept.
While investors are applauding Shell's decision to exhibit some caution while drilling in the Tar Sands, the rush is on here at home to "drill baby drill." I'm thinking their new found take on the Tar Sands is purely economical. Industry has a bottom line and it's not the welfare of their "neighbors." It's doing whatever they can to keep the profits going up.
The Barnett Shale Coalition is urging industry shareholders to protest hydraulic fracturing. At the same time, some idiot (forgive my language, I try to keep an even temper and open mind; however, I find it disgraceful when adults behave like small children), is spouting about "anyone who supports the EPA is a traitor," and claims that the EPA is a product of the rich and power hungry. Excuse me, but isn't the EPA supposed to protect the environment from destruction by large industries with lots of money?