Friday, June 4, 2010

Gas Well Blowout In Clearfield County [PA]

The BP offshore oil rig blowout is a disaster of catastrophic proportions, it is obvious and impossible to ignore; however, accidents happen onshore with disturbing frequency and get very little attention.
There has been a gas well blowout in Clearfield County Pennsylvania. Officials say it took sixteen hours to get under control after spewing an approximate one million gallons of hydraulic fracturing fluid and unknown amounts of wet natural gas. An entire mile wide evacuation has been put in place for nearby residents. An EPA spokesperson stated that none of the polluted drilling water reached waterways in the area. Though who knows if that statement can be accurately made yet. One million gallons of fracturing fluid contains massive amounts of chemicals though. I expect that there will probably be more long-term environmental issues from this blowout than we will really hear about.
For more information, visit Bluedaze Drilling Reform for Texas.
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